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Student Voices

Jinkyu Han, MBA’16 Intake

S. Korea
Career: Decca Investments, SABIC, Hyosung Corporation, Siemens Energy
Undergraduate: Stevens Institute of Technology (U.S.


“Pursuing MBA has not been an attractive career path as I always felt the opportunity cost seemed high, until I found CKGSB. Reflecting on the huge potential growth of China, I quickly fell for the rich resources that CKGSB offered: strong alumni, well-maintained reputation in China, world-class faculty and its research, and so on. Considering the strongly disciplined but also well-connected brotherhood, I am thrilled to meet my alumnus. I hope that we can benefit from each other while co-achieving future career goals together. The path of CKGSB will help me realize what I really want and how I want it be done – that is, build a future together with others who are like me. Much stronger we are as the more we are united!”




Victor Wang, MBA’16 intake

Career: NGO, Start-UP, PE Investment
Undergraduate: Northeastern University


“I have lived in the US for over 10 years completing my education at Northeastern University. After being conferred my bachelor degree in Science of Business Administration, I worked in a few different jobs including ones in NGOs and start-ups, as well as private equity and hedge fund. I wish to return to my home country to further purpose my career ambitions. I wish to gain a sense of the most advanced and comprehensive management techniques in China. CKGSB’s world-class faculty and strong alumni network is my choice for assisting me on my journey. Through my MBA studies, I hope to be able to learn about the most effective management models and strategies. In addition, I hope to meet like-minded individuals on this resource rich platform to continue down the road together.”




Nana Wang

Career: Global top advertising company
Undergrad: Shanghai University of International Business & Economics



“My personal and professional passion and dreams revolve around revitalizing China’s time-honored brands. I’ve been working in advertising industry for ten years, and my experiences with various brands have shaped my aspirations in this area. CKGSB is firmly rooted in China. The school teaches the most advanced international business theories while attaching great importance to the practical application of these skills in China. Since I plan to reconnect Chinese brands with the Chinese market, I think CKGSB’s MBA Program is the one most suitable one for me. I hope to meet others who are interested in revitalizing China time-honored brands as well. Maybe we can team up to realize this dream together in the future.”




Akinyemi Abiola, MBA’16 intake

Career: Google, King Health Systems, ACLC
Undergraduate: Columbia University


“I chose CKGSB MBA because of its exceptional insight and access to the world of business in China. For someone like me who is interested in doing business in China and with China, CKGSB offers me an unparalleled opportunity to immerse myself in Chinese culture, while learning from some of the most knowledgeable experts on Chinese businesses.  My expectation from CKGSB MBA program is to have immensely broadened my horizon at the end of it: academically, socially, culturally, and economically. I hope to learn new ways of doing business, meet new people and network with business leaders, and ultimately to gain the skills and resources that will enable me leverage my different cultural backgrounds to act as a bridge between businesses not only in the East and West, but also in Africa and around the globe.”




Joseph Roy, MBA’16 intake

Career: Education, Technology IP
Education: Hamilton College


“Right now, I am at an important cross road in my life. I have been laying a foundation in China for the past few years, and am now actively pursuing applications of this knowledge in the business field. For me, CKGSB is the perfect choice. Because it is a China business program, an MBA with CKGSB means complementing my China knowledge and creating a strong business foundation. Furthermore, it will help me to grow roots in the China business field. Studying both from and with brilliant people in business, I expect that in my 14 months with CKGSB, I will have tremendous growth -- both personally and professionally.”




Eric Chung, MBA '15 intake

S. Korea
Career: Samsung, Start-up
Undergraduate:  Korea University


“I have a dream to establish my own business targeting the Chinese market, and I envision my future as a bridge linking the business of China and Korea. I am confident that CKGSB is the ideal school to help my dream come true. Why? CKGSB is a school that has attracted the largest number of influential business leaders and entrepreneurs in China. I am convinced that their experience and insights about the Chinese business will be a valuable asset to me. I also love its other unique features: a world-class faculty with China insight, a close-knit learning environment, and the prestigious mentorship program designed for the MBA students to grow, etc. It was amazing that the CKGSB program even went on extra mile to arrange for its Korean Professor (Prof. Cho, one of the most respected management professors in Korea) to meet with me in Seoul before I joined the program. This demonstrated the CKGSB MBA program’s passion and care for each candidate. I’d love to build a life-long friendship with my classmates and alum in CKGSB, and look forward to the start of the MBA program.”




Sahil Chugani, MBA '15 intake

Career: Goldman Sachs, Start-up
Undergraduate: Imperial College London


“After spending 8 years in London across two Wall Street firms and a series of start-ups/entrepreneurial ventures, I am looking to set up my own company in Asia, and build bridges between China and Europe. I truly believe unlocking China is the key to long term business success and with government initiatives like Made in China 2025/ One Belt, One Road, my conviction strengthens.  Whether it’s starting a FinTech P2P platform, importing wine from Spain, replicating a European app/service in China, exporting to the UK, there are lots of ideas I would like to explore while at CKGSB - especially with my peers and faculty where I hope to find a business partner in the process.  Choosing CKGSB was a no-brainer as it stands out as the perfect trampoline into business in China. Compared to other Chinese schools, there seems to be a clear focus at CKGSB to truly encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in China, all in a very practical learning environment. Learning about Xiaomi, Tencent, and Sinopec instead of Ford, Kraft, and GE will be fascinating and relevant to my ultimate goal. Also, learning from the well-respected CKGSB faculty makes me feel honored to be part of the CKGSB family. Lastly, the CKGSB alumni network is an unparalleled pool of talent and inspiration for business in China and I look forward to learning from and about them, including Jack MA, FU Chengyu and many others.  A program that in 14 months in length, with hands-on education in the political capital of China, a 3 weeks U.S. module, a 6 weeks internship and exchange program around the world, makes incredible program, and I am truly excited for the coming year.”




Raymond TAN, MBA '15 intake
Career: Deloitte Consulting
Undergraduate: University College London
Master’s: Cambridge University


“After studying and working in the UK for 10 years, I recently moved back to South East Asia to venture into business.  Doing my MBA in China is the perfect avenue for me to gain insights into China and to survey the contemporary opportunities for doing business in China and with China.  I choose CKGSB over offers from other Chinese business schools because I am convinced that CKGSB has all the resources I could ever ask for to turn my business ideas into reality and that CKGSB will pro-actively help me to succeed.”




Michelle LAU, MBA '15 intake
Hong Kong
Career: PCCW, Humanity & Health Medical Group
Undergraduate: University of California, Berkley


"With the passion and vision to succeed in the business world, I believe it is the right time to step out of the comfort zone and to take up the MBA challenge that will push the best out of you. CKGSB’s mission to provide world-class education for China’s business is exactly what I am looking for in achieving a MBA and investing back into the China’s market, where talents, knowledge, resources, location, connectivity, and culture are at the best of the best. CKSGB is a place where one’s potentials can be exerted to its fullest."




Wilbur Chen, MBA '15 intake
Career: HCT Logistics, Kaisun Energy Group
Undergraduate:  University of British Columbia


"After graduating from college in Vancouver and years of work experience in Taiwan and Hong Kong's financial market, I came to realize that an efficient method is to aim at managing companies, and invest as a secondary goal. Therefore, as I now stand at a crossroads, I believe an MBA at CKGSB will bring me knowledge and help me build up a network. This will be invaluable to me in my career, both in establishing new companies and in taking over our family business. Since I am working in a Cheung Kong subsidiary, the rich resources, top-notch courses and first-rate faculty CKGSB offers are well known to me. I am attracted by the fast-paced curriculum. The overseas studies offered by CKGSB will assist me in broadening my scope and equipping me with the management capability I will need in handling our family business.”




Nancy Yao, MBA '15 intake
Career: Deloitte Auditing, United Emirates Airlines, Start-up
Undergraduate: University of Southern California


“At this point in my life, I consider an MBA program to be necessary as it will arm me with necessary knowledge and practical know-how to build more bricks to develop my start-up business. I believe that CKGSB is the optimal integrated solution for a perfect 'soft landing' for young professionals like me, who have been away from China for over a decade. I look forward to joining CKGSB to learn the best practices from successful alumni entrepreneurs and inspirational business leaders from China market.”




Neil Finney, MBA '15 intake
Undergraduate: University of Western Australia


"I chose CKGSB as it aligns with my personal mission to pursue excellence and offer the deepest insights into China. Success is a process, and that process starts with surrounding yourself with the best knowledge, best professional networks, and the best opportunities at CKGSB.


The potential of the CKGSB MBA program is immense, but expectations can only be realized through dedication and strong execution. With a diverse cohort of internationally experienced professionals, working together yet forging individual paths, I expect to create a new and exciting path for myself - the sky is the limit!"




Tony Shen, MBA '14 intake
China with study/work aboard experience in UK
Undergraduate: Imperial College London


“I was already sure that I will start my life back in China through attending a business school.  CKGSB was the best choice amongst my options. The school has top professors, students, classmates, and alumni and the integration of these elements creates an outstanding community."




Rory Bate-Williams

MBA Class of 2013












“I was immediately captivated by the school’s overwhelming ambition to become a global business school whilst incorporating eastern principles into an academic field traditionally dominated by western theory”






Tetbury, United Kingdom


Previous experience

Founder of Top Up Tents, Trainee Investment Manager and Apprentice to CEO of 2 Sisters Food Group


Favorite Beijing “spots”

NCPA, 798 District, Gulou, Qianmen, Houhai lake in the summer, skiing near Chongli in the winter


Favorite restaurants in Beijing

Korean restaurant outside the dormitory in Shuangjing, Hutong restaurants near Dongdan, Soloist Coffee in Qianmen



“Why study an MBA in China?”

Gregory van Den Bergh (MBA ’12)


Undergraduate: University of Oxford





“Why did you choose CKGSB?”

Alan Tang (MBA ’12)

Hong Kong

Undergraduate: University of Virginia



“How did CKGSB transform your career?"

Cathelin Guo (MBA ’12)


Undergraduate: Yunnan Normal Univeristy



“How does CKGSB connect you with business in China?”

Eric Kim (MBA ’12)

South Korea

Undergraduate: Seoul National University




Xiaofei Shen , MBA '11 intake

The CKGSB MBA will be the perfect bridge from where I am to where I want to be. The world class faculty and cutting edge courses will provide me a perfect academic supplement to my physics major. Moreover CKGSB will provide me a chance to experience western culture and teaching methodology while at the same time remaining at the frontier of the Chinese market, acquiring knowledge of management practices from both Greater China and around the globe. Additionally, with the vast network of Chinese CKGSB alumni and the schools rapid international expansion, I will be able to refine my vision, build corporate alliances, and establish relationships for the long-term.




Gang Wang, MBA '11 intake

CKGSB is successfully combining a leading global practice with local perspective, demonstrated by its pool of top professors and a dynamic case center focusing on researching issues faced by domestic enterprises and multinational companies operating in China. As one of the first private business schools in China, CKGSB has been innovative and flexible with its course design, resource allocation, and recruiting policy, all of which are particular attractive to me. I firmly believe I am effectively investing my own time and resources by choosing to study with CKGSB.




Jian Hui , MBA '11 intake

I believe that as a member of CKGSB MBA, I will benefit from the program both scholastically and personally. On one hand CKGSB draws the whole picture of the real business world to students through its diverse cultural environment, including world-class professors, outstanding alumni and excellent students with different backgrounds. On the other hand, CKGSB also provides up-to-date insight on business trends as well as many opportunities for its students to continually develop an extensive interpersonal network through the mentorship program, annual forums in Sanya and Kunming, and the wide selection of alumni association events.




Jie Tu , MBA '11 intake

With its top-ranked faculty and unique faculty-governed philosophy, CKGSB will help me learn the globalization strategies of Chinese companies as well as analyze the competition and collaboration among state-owned enterprises, private businesses and multinationals. Additionally, on top of developing life-long friendships with my classmates, greater China’s most powerful alumni network will give me a platform to engage with China’s business leaders, both of which will benefit me for a long time to come. That’s why I chose CKGSB.




Hao Gang, MBA '11 intake

With its world-class professors and fast-growing China market context, CKGSB offers those who aspire to be a business leader international cutting-edge concepts and fresh research on the Chinese market. A close-knit network among alumni and genuine friendships between classmates makes CKGSB a family that I can benefit from. I further believe that the intensive, accelerated one-year program is the right choice to sharpen my business skills in a cost effective and time efficient manner.




Sergey Popov, MBA '10 intake

Coming from Moscow to Beijing was a major decision for me, but with the continued growth in bilateral relations between Russia and China, it was not a difficult decision. The China Module, delivered by CKGSB’s leading faculty, has left me in little doubt about the incredible opportunities for those expatriates willing to truly engage with the Chinese market. After this experience with the CKGSB China module, I truly believe CKGSB is the leading school for Chinese insight.




Daniel Calahorra, MBA '10 intake

I chose CKGSB for its unique positioning in China and its world-class professors. The experience here in Beijing at CKGSB, in the capital of the emerging giant has surpassed all my expectations. The 12 months of intensive study, group work, projects, case analysis, assignments and consulting projects have provided me with a platform for continued long-term career growth both within the Chinese market and beyond.




Maxence Perret, MBA '10 intake

Through its condensed program and bespoke sized class, CKGSB offered me a challenging and really valuable learning experience. The quality of the professors as well as their accessibility during and after the classes helped me to gain great business knowledge and increase my understanding of China. Furthermore, the 12 months of intensive immersion in China is without a doubt the best way to not only understand the unique attributes of this great country and economy, but also build an unmatched local network.

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