International Applicants

The CKGSB MBA program is committed to nurturing a community of business leaders that can succeed in the emerging global marketplace. We encourage international applicants to become familiar with our program offerings, professors, and campus, and to talk with current CKGSB students about their experiences coming to Beijing to study with China's best and brightest business students.


On average, 25 percent of the students come from abroad, including countries such as the United States, Germany, India, Korea, Japan, and the United Kingdom.



Admission Interviews for International Applicants


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis up through June of the intended entrance year (with classes starting later in the fall). International applicants are encouraged to submit their MBA program applications early in order to schedule admissions interviews and to apply for appropriate student visas.


We highly recommend that international students make a trip to Beijing for a campus visit and to meet the admissions staff and other students and professors. For those applicants who pass initial screening but are unable to physically visit Beijing, the admissions team will arrange a telephone interview between the applicant and the admissions committee.





All international students will need to have a valid “X1” visa at the beginning of the MBA program. After arrival to the school, the MBA program will help students acquire foreign student residence permit. International students will need to arrive on the designated date before the start of the program to fulfill the physical examination and other visa requirements.



Tuition and Financial Aid


As part of the admissions process, overseas applicants will be considered for the various scholarship programs made possible with support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation. Based on personal merit and background, international students may earn scholarships covering up to full MBA program tuition.


Tuition for international students is the same as that offered to mainland Chinese students and can be paid either in U.S. dollars (payments in foreign currencies are converted at the exchange rate prevailing on the date of transaction) or in Chinese RMB.



Chinese Language Study


Some international students arrive at CKGSB with near-fluent Chinese, while others learn their first Chinese words in the preparatory courses offered by our MBA program. Regardless of which category you fall into, Chinese language ability is an important asset for those international students who aim to stay in China for post-MBA careers.


To support students in the development of their Chinese language skills, CKGSB offers flexible, one-on-one Chinese courses for international students before and during the academic year. Contact the MBA Admissions office to learn more about the opportunities available for the coming year at

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