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Career Management Center (CMC) Personalized Services

Job searching is a time-consuming and at times difficult process, but also an ultimately rewarding one that allows students to learn more about themselves. The CMC takes prides in offering full support along the way.



Orientation to CMC Services


In the first two weeks of the CKGSB MBA program, CMC staff make a presentation to students introducing their services, the CMC calendar for the year, a summary of MBA placement in previous year, and recent trends in the MBA job market. The orientation helps students better understand the school’s job placement timeline.


The CMC provides individualized services and advises students through the following steps:


Step 1: Knowing Yourself—the First Step in Career Development

  • CMC staff provides counseling on career goal setting and planning and job search strategy throughout the entire study period. The CMC also uses CareerLeader©, a leading self-assessment tool employed by top business schools, to help students discover and understand better their core business interests, work values and abilities.
  • The role of the CMC staff is to help students establish a career vision, not just look for the next job.

Step 2: Knowing the Job Market

  • The CMC and MBA student clubs sponsor a series of industry information sessions to provide students with a better understanding of different sectors and a chance to study the career paths of invited speakers.
  • Consultants from top human resources consulting firms visit campus to speak on job market trends and provide salary overviews.

Step 3: Resume Writing and Preparing for Job Interviews

  • The CMC holds resume writing workshops and resume clinic sessions, then conducts interview workshops for students to brush up on interviewing skills.
  • The CMC arranges simulated interviews relevant to specific industries, such as banking, consulting, marketing management, and supply chain management. The mock interviewers are experienced HR or line managers from potential MBA recruiting companies. Students may also schedule mock interviews with CMC staff members.
  • Visiting outside consultants offer a specialized workshop on preparing for case interviews.

Step 4: Interviewing for Jobs

  • The recruiting season gets underway in the second half of the MBA study program, when students begin meeting recruiters through company presentations on campus and job fairs. Company recruiters are provided with books of collected student resumes for review. They are encouraged to offer company visits to provide students with a better sense of their work environment and company culture.
  • CKGSB has an online matching system that allows companies to post available jobs, after which MBA students can submit applications for the positions that interest them. In the final stage of the process, companies conduct interviews on campus and make offers.

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