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The accelerated 14-month CKGSB MBA curriculum provides students with a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of global business strategy, theory and practice, while also addressing the cultural and ethical perspectives relevant to doing business in China and Asia.

The program aims to equip graduates with the analytical ability and confidence to face the uncertainties characteristic of real-world situations, deal with complex business issues systematically and creatively, and make sound judgments in the absence of complete data.



CKGSB MBA Insight- China Module

A short and condense course offering a dynamic aspect of China, CKGSB MBA’s ‘China Module’ is an especially designed course to provide a Chinese business focus, delivered by our international faculties through an informative approach.



Mobile Classroom Experiences- Shanghai and Shenzhen

The mobile classroom allows student to take part in immersive weeklong learning experiences focusing on Finance for Shanghai and Innovation for Shenzhen. This innovative program combines company visits, alumni gatherings, job fairs, and campus presentations to provide a unique, in depth view of these critical topics and environments.



Diversified Consulting Projects (DCP)

To complement academic coursework, Diversified Consulting Projects (DCP) offer students experience working with major international companies, analyzing business strategic questions and honing their marketing and presentation skills. Inbound and outbound exchange programs help CKGSB students develop global perspective and the ability to perform in cross-cultural work environments.

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