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Dean's Message to MBA Students

Since 1978, we have witnessed the unprecedented economic growth of China. China is the largest contributor to global economic growth since 2008, and represents the world’s top exporting nation and the second largest economy in terms of GDP. China’s performance will continue to be among the most transformative forces shaping the global economy in the coming decades. Given the extent of the country’s economic openness to and integration with the global economy, an in-depth knowledge of how to do business in China and with China, as well as the global implications of China’s transformation, will become increasingly relevant —even imperative— for business leaders around the globe.


A full-time first-rate faculty is the core of any top business school, and at CKGSB, we take pride in our unwavering emphasis on the quality of our faculty. As the only business school in China that practices faculty governance, CKGSB is uniquely research-focused; and with generous financial support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, CKGSB has assembled a remarkable team of 40 full-time faculty members, the majority of whom have held tenured positions in the world’s best business schools. We strongly believe that our stellar faculty is the key to equipping our MBA students with the freshest insights into management theory and practice, and a global perspective on China business strategy. Our dedication to maintaining our world-class faculty has been a cornerstone of CKGSB’s remarkable progress since its founding in November 2002.


We also take particular pride in our groundbreaking research into two major issues: how to do business in China and the global ramifications of China’s transformation. Our thought leadership rests on several key aspects. First, the majority of our full-time world-class faculty are linguistically and culturally positioned to conduct China-related research with ease, as well as experienced in generating world-class research in their respective fields. Second, rather than simply transmitting knowledge from ‘the West’ to ‘the East’, CKGSB advocates a more effective and dynamic ‘two-way traffic’ model, and we commit a wealth of resources to generating new knowledge and insights which are relevant for businesses in in the global economy. Third, CKGSB alumni represent a stunning cross-section of China’s industry movers and shakers. In 2011, the combined revenues of Chinese companies in which CKGSB alumni served as the highest ranking executive (e.g. chairman or CEO) exceeded 1 trillion US dollars and accounted one seventh of China’s GDP. The support and collaboration from our outstanding alumni has been an indispensable part of what makes CKGSB such a special place to gain unrivaled insight into China.


CKGSB has long positioned itself as a leader in reinventing business education. We believe the business leaders of the future must be globally competitive and hold more holistic views of business and leadership. In 2005, CKGSB became the first business school in China to systematically integrate humanities courses (covering religion, history and philosophy) into the curricula of our degree and executive programs; an initiative that has been enthusiastically received by our students and alumni. We believe that these courses help our students develop a broader vision for global business strategy and a more sophisticated understanding of business ethics, essential for next generation business leaders who must be effective in working with an increasing level of diversity, uncertainty and complexity. CKGSB programs enable students to better manage businesses that create value for shareholders, broader communities as well as advance societal progress.


As future business leaders must be equipped with a global mindset, CKGSB makes great efforts to provide its students with a world-wide learning platform. Facilitated by our faculty, who draw upon extensive teaching and research experience with leading business schools around the globe, CKGSB offers a rich array of MBA student exchange opportunities, and has developed an extensive network of strategic partnerships and alliance with top business schools, organizations and institutions that span the globe. The opportunities that this global platform offers constitute one of the most memorable and enriching aspects of the CKGSB experience for our students and alumni. 


It has become a truism that today’s leaders face numerous and intense structural changes: from the relentless rapidity of technological change, to the opportunities and challenges presented by the rise of social media, information democratization, and interconnectedness, to issues of sustainable and inclusive growth. As recent events have shown, many of our contemporary political and economic systems are afflicted with collective myopia or short-termism, resulting in grave systemic risk for humanity. In this connection, part of our current undertaking, then, is to collectively search for new development models that can both drive innovative entrepreneurship and growth while also ensures sustainability and social inclusion. 


To meet these pressing challenges, it is crucial that future business leaders are prepared with new paradigms and fresh perspectives. By constantly enhancing our global learning network, CKGSB continuously strives to provide its students with a superb platform for sharing and generating a diverse range of business experiences, practices, and visions. If we recognize these challenges, and open ourselves up to new thinking, new ideas and new models together, I am sure we can do much for our shared economic prosperity, social betterment, and long-term good. 


I would like to warmly welcome you to join our MBA Program on this exciting undertaking. At CKGSB, you will learn from the best, with the best. I hope your experience with CKGSB will be a transformative one.



Best Regards,




Dr. XIANG Bing
CKGSB Founding Dean



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