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The Top MBA Program for China Business


Meet your future with the CKSGB MBA in Beijing.


Innovative. Independent. Entrepreneurial. Global Leader. These are some of the words that describe CKGSB’s MBA program and its students. The CKGSB MBA is an innovative platform for you to meet your potential as a global business leader and open the doors to all of the opportunity that the emerging global economy offers.














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China Meets World


Experience the best business knowledge that the East and the West have to offer. CKGSB has gathered the most distinguished faculty in China. At CKGSB, you will work side by side with professors that are thought leaders on China and have taught at top institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, and Columbia. They will open your eyes to the heights of international MBA learning and allow you to delve deep into Chinese business and global business strategy through more than 200 unique case studies created by CKGSB, the China Module, and hands on experiences.








Theory Meets Practice


Take your education beyond the classroom and come face to face with global business; CKGSB’s international MBA program provides you with real world leadership development that fuses academic insight with practical experience. Take on today’s most exciting global business challenges with groundbreaking Chinese and international companies during the Diversified Consulting Projects (DCP). Meet with business leaders and innovators at CKGSB forums and 100+ Executive Talks that the MBA program holds each year.







Individual Meets Community


CKGSB gives you more than a platform for professional growth, it gives you a community that will support and inspire you. You may not know the names of our each individual alumni but you know the companies that they have created and manage. Companies, such as Alibaba, Taobao,, and Tsingdao Brewery, that lead their industries in innovation and excellence. CKGSB MBA’s mentorship program will help you tap into this wealth of knowledge and help you build powerful connections in China. The MBA program’s Career Management Center will provide you with personalized coaching and service to prepare you for the opportunities you will receive and help you reach your career goals.







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