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The CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA)





Note: This program is conducted in Chinese. If you would like to learn more about the program, please refer to this section of our Chinese website.


Seeking a New Generation of Business Thinkers


“Having obtained three degrees at Tsinghua University, I thought it was time to go out and find something different. CKGSB leads its competitors no matter whether it’s their MBA, EMBA or Business Scholar programs and has been highly recommended by friends around me. I think it is the best choice one can make.”      

Wang Xiaochuan, CEO of tech company Sogou 


The CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA) will develop business thinkers and management scholars who have a global vision and resourceful minds. Drawing upon a wealth of experience from CKGSB's successful EMBA and CEO programs, the Program provides depth and breadth of business insight, innovations in the methods and forms of teaching, and the honing of research capabilities. The school teams up with other globally renowned institutions—including business schools, government-led organizations, and science universities—to leverage the world's top educational resources for the program. 


The CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA) adopts a strict screening process to ensure that all candidates have educational backgrounds and managerial experiences living up to world-class standards. 80% of them have more than 15 years of managerial experience; 33% of them have more than 20 years of managerial experience; and more than half of the companies represented by candidates each have a total asset of over RMB 10 billion.



“Driven by applied research, the CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA) brings together a group of Chinese entrepreneurs with the strongest sense of purpose. It sums up Chinese management practices and theories based on solid academic logic and critical thinking. Teachers and students will all benefit from one another. In the process of inheriting and creation, we will launch a path of management scholars and lead the next generation of business leaders. The CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA) makes us think and go forward together.”

Dr. Liu Jing, Professor of Accounting and Finance, Associate Dean, CKGSB



The CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA) lasts 5 years. In the first 3 years, students will focus on course studies. In the final 2 years, students will focus on essay writing. Students with full attendance records can graduate and receive their degree within 3.5 years. 



  • Realize the upgrading and transformation of management thinking models.
  • Build direct connections between academic and practices as needed by the organization, solve problems within a theoretical framework.
  • Recreate the Online and Offline to Mobile learning process using knowledge management thinking.



  • Economy and Finance
  • Behavior and Organization
  • Strategy



  • Globalization
  • Humanitarian and Business Civilization
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable Development
  • New Government and Corporate Relations


Core Course Overview


Macro Economy and Policies

Leaders must understand macro economics. This series of courses will build a framework to understand macro economics and policies. The courses include geopolitics and economics, global macroeconomic growth and the Chinese economy, international trade and economics, the internationalization of the RMB, inflation and currency policy, and regional economic growth models.


Behavior and Organizational Management

The core of management is the allocation of people and resources. People are both the users and creators of resources, and human beings are the product of genetic and environmental interaction. Both individual factors (motivation, personality, emotion, attitude) and social factors (upbringing, working division, social roles, cultural expectation) can explain behaviors. In any situation, a person is both the product and creator of society. This series of courses will cover three subjects, including industrial organizational psychology (individual differences between people in an organization), social psychology (cognition and behavior) and social studies (organizational theory-organization structure). We will guide the students to identify and analyze the foundation of management, which is crucial in realizing self transformation and organizational change by leveraging ‘the power of people’. Courses will include people in an organization, organization structure design in the age of innovation, leadership and its roots, and human resources management in the age of innovation and globalization.


Finance and Investment

Capital enables strengths. This series of courses will help students to learn in a systematic way the financial thinking, perspectives and skills necessary in the transition period of the global financial system, profit models and global layouts of financial institutions, Chinese capital market research, investment and financing decision making and risk control in the global financial system, global merging, asset management, wealth inheritance and internet finance.  


Sustainable Development

Sustainable development covers two themes – the mixed economy and urbanization. The mixed economy relates to when public and private economies integrate in areas such as equity structure, incentive mechanism and organizational management. Urbanization is a powerful engine in the healthy and sustainable development of the Chinese economy. An efficient, tolerant and sustainable urbanization process must develop around people, leverage public and private capital cooperation, establish a multiple and sustainable urbanization investment and financing mechanism, and tap the potential of cities to increase efficiency and promote innovation. The urbanization series of courses will analyze the opportunities and challenges in the urbanization process from investment and financing in urban infrastructure, city asset management, boundaries of government and market, and other perspectives.


Research Methods and Research Design

Through methodology and research methods training, this series of courses will raise the key contemporary and local issues using critical thinking, introduce scientific research methods and mindsets, build participatory research topics, cultivate applied management scholars with careful and critical thinking, and guide management and business practices with regular rules.


Learning Environment

Extended discussion in and after class, continuously promoting two-way communication.


Entrepreneurs with an innovative and humanitarian spirit and public service oriented managers will learn from each other. They will do research in groups, extend discussions in and after class, continuously push forward two-way communication, and generate ideas from research. The aim is that students and teachers will all benefit from each other through mutual learning.




Shen Guojun, CKGSB Business Scholar Program (DBA) 1st Class

Chairman, China Yintai Investment Limited

“Technological innovation has become the theme of current world economic and social development. Revering technical advancement, actively engaging in the transformation and lifelong learning will become a trend.”   


Tang Kui, CKGSB Business Scholar Program (DBA) 2nd Class

CEO, Fountain Vest Capital

“I hope to combine the theories of the past with the practices of the present, so we can stand on a higher level to review the development of our industry, state and economy, while advancing ourselves to a higher level. ”


Wang Xiaochuan, CKGSB Business Scholar Program (DBA) 2nd Class

CEO, Beijing Sogou Technology Development Co., Ltd

“I hope in the coming five years, I will be able to combine my understanding of the internet with the vision I’ve gained from CKGSB, to combine the theories with practice, to harvest subversive ideas and to form new methodology.”   


Feng Lun, CKGSB Business Scholar Program (DBA) 1st Class

Chairman, Vantone Real Estate Co., Ltd

“We were friends and entrepreneurs who have admired each other for a long time. But today, everything has simplified into one single mission - and that is studying. I believe that, in order to realize a new business civilization with a global perspective, all of us will work hard. Let’s expect a change and a transcendence in the future.”


Chen Yidan, CKGSB Business Scholar Program (DBA) 2nd Class

Co-Founder & Lifetime Honorary Adviser, Tencent 

“Through the coming years’ studying, I hope to fully understand the CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA) as well as to better understand myself and better understand society. I’m looking forward to learning and making progress together with my classmates.”


Liu Qing, CKGSB Business Scholar Program (DBA) 1st Class

President, Didi Chuxing

“All my classmates are very experienced and successful. There is a strong desire of learning knowledge and self-improvement. We interact with each other. This is a positive learning environment.”



Admission Information 

  • Number of enrollments: one class per year
  • Term beginning: October


Application requirements

  • Have both competency and integrity, serving in a core decision-making role at the corporate level of a leading company
  • Over 12 years of work experience in general management and leadership positions
  • Excellent academic training, with a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a renowned college, or having research products in related areas


Application procedure


1. Document preparation


Application submission

Please logon to CKGSB’s Business Scholar Program (DBA) online application system and fill out the application form.


Upload documents


Electronic files required:

  • A scanned copy of Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • A scanned copy of Master’s degree certificate
  • A scanned copy of ID (both sides)
  • A scanned copy of business card (both sides)
  • Passport photos with a white background (jpg format, less than 1MB)


Courier the following documents to the CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA) office:

  • Two recommendation letters
  • Company brochure
  • Additional documents (such as published articles, academic papers, books, etc.)


2. Document check


CKGSB will review the application documents. Successful candidates will be contacted by our office for interviews.


3. Interview


At the interview, the CKGSB Business Scholars Progam (DBA) Evaluation Committee will review the candidate’s overall quality.


4. Comprehensive review


Based on the interview, the CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA) Evaluation Committee will conduct an all-round review of the candidate’s comprehensive quality, including academic performance, work achievements, academic results, learning and research abilities as well as referees’ comments. Only the best candidates will be admitted. 


5. Admission notice


Within 20 working days after the interview, all candidates, admitted or not, will be contacted (via phone call or text message). Successful candidates will receive an official admission letter afterwards. 


6. Tuition payment


Upon receiving the admission letter, please make a one-time payment of the tuition fee according to the payment request. After that, our operations team will contact you for school enrollment. 


For further questions, please contact the CKGSB Business Scholars Program (DBA) Office.

Tel: +86-10-85 18 6905

Fax: +86-10-85 18 8549