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Chinese Language for Business Executives

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Spring, 2018  |  New York

Meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


A Chinese language program specifically designed for business executives to learn conversation essentials and etiquette in order to effectively communicate at business meetings and travel to China.


With China as the world’s second largest economy, now more than ever it’s imperative for business executives to gain an understanding of Chinese language and culture. CKGSB Americas Chinese Language for Business Executives program provides both professionals and travelers alike with the necessary tools to take advantage of opportunities in China and flourish on a global scale.


This unique Chinese program combines business, culture, sensitivity, leadership and language. Participants are not simply learning the language but also gaining the opportunity for a better understanding of Chinese culture and society.


This intense, comprehensive program will offer a small group setting with no more than 12 students per class. With a low student-teacher ratio, the instructors will create a fun and inspiring atmosphere to achieve real-world, useful knowledge of Chinese language and culture. No prior knowledge of Chinese is required for this foundational course.



Program benefits:


  • Develop Chinese language and cultural fundamentals to further develop business relations in China.
  • Enjoy easier, more pleasant international travel to China.
  • Expand your skillset to increase your value in the marketplace.
  • Broaden your worldview and break down the barriers between English-speaking and Chinese-speaking peoples and businesses.
  • Enhance your problem solving and abstract thinking skills through studying a foreign language.


Tuition: $895 (includes a textbook, a practice book, handouts, and other materials)


  • CKGSB Alumni will receive a 20% tuition discount.
  • Corporate groups of 5 or more should contact Alan Chen at +1 646-627-7735 or to inquire about a discount



CKGSB Americas Chinese Language for Business Executives program is intended for business executives, entrepreneurs, technology professionals, business development practitioners and travelers alike. No prior knowledge of Chinese is required for this foundational course.


Participants may be seeking to:

  • Increase their business relationships in China;
  • Further their interest in Chinese language and culture;
  • Expand their overall job opportunities;
  • Increase self-worth and skillsets;
  • Satisfy intellectual curiosity; and/or
  • Enhance their travel experiences.



CKGSB Americas Chinese Language for Business Executives program will feature:


  • Intensive classes focusing on practical fundamentals
  • Useful expressions for daily use in business and travel
  • Introduction to Chinese culture and heritage
  • Conversation with native Chinese speakers
  • Individualized attention
  • Low student-teacher ratio (2 instructors for up to 12 students maximum)

The goal of the program is to offer executives, professionals and travelers alike an immersive foundational program giving them the necessary tools and insights to further themselves through learning the Chinese language and gaining an appreciation for Chinese culture and customs.


No prior knowledge of Chinese is required.



Term:  Spring, 2018  |  New York

Meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m


Tuesday, October 10: Chinese Heritage and Culture


Thursday, October 12: How to Break the Ice


Tuesday, October 17: How to Get Involved


Thursday, October 19: How to Keep Conversation Going


Tuesday, October 24: How to Build Business Relationships


Thursday, October 26: How to Be Relevant


Tuesday, October 31: How to Mingle and Mix


Thursday, November 2: How to Make Progress


Tuesday, November 7: How to Use Resources


Thursday, November 9: Leadership Principles: Philosophies of the East and West



Program Director


Mary Wadsworth Darby


As Chief Representative of CKGSB Americas, Mary W. Darby is responsible for CKGSB’s initiatives throughout North and South America and oversees all aspects of CKGSB’s Americas Offices and their operations.  She is responsible for developing strategy and building alliances with partner schools and taking steps to strengthen brand awareness for CKGSB throughout the two continents comprising the Americas. She provides direction for marketing, business development, program development, other educational events, and operations. She spearheads cooperation with CKGSB partner schools and other key relationships to identify new businesses and opportunities for collaboration in response to market demand and new educational trends. Mary also conducts research on comparative leadership principles in Asia and the West and studies their impact on management success.  She frequently lectures on leadership including at joint programs with partner schools. 


Previously, Mary worked for Morgan Stanley in Firm Management and headed its Asia and China Desks. She moved to Hong Kong and headed Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) in Hong Kong where she developed the first institutional sales initiative with Chinese financial entities. During her time at Morgan Stanley, she also created and ran a series of educational programs for the fixed income division and other departments with a focus on China.


Mary has worked extensively in China and Asia. She is a founder of Peridot Asia Advisors, a strategic transactions advisory firm. She has substantial experience negotiating market entry strategies over a broad range of industries, as well as with Chinese financial institutions, state-owned enterprises, regulatory authorities and other government entities responsible for regulating and supervising the insurance and banking industries there.


She also served as the Executive Director of the America-China Society, a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of U.S.-China relations chaired by former U.S. Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and the late Cyrus Vance.


Mary graduated with a BA degree from Princeton University. A fluent Mandarin speaker, she also holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and an MIA from the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs.


She is the Chair of the Hong Kong Association of New York; serves as a Senior Professional Fellow at the Chazen Institute at Columbia Business School; a Trustee of Concord Academy; and was for many years a Trustee of Princeton-in-Asia.


She serves as an Independent Director of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC, USA), whose parent company is the world’s largest bank. She is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.



Language Instructors


Lulu Cheng


Combining her passion for both business and language, Lulu Cheng comes to CKGSB Americas with more than 7 years of experience teaching musicology and primary Chinese. After receiving an MBA from Johnson & Wales University, Md., Cheng has gone on to help shape the financial departments of Guotai USA and Weill Cornell Medical Center as well as serving as an instructor at the prestigious China Institute in collaboration with Bryant University.


Originally from China, Ms. Cheng started her career as a classically trained pianist. She carries passion with her from country to country, state to state, and loves to share her extensive knowledge with each individual; you will be positively challenged and encouraged to achieve your goal.


Alex Peng


Alex Peng is one of the most prominent writers and presenters in the Chinese American community. The diversity of his work – from Broadway musicals to the Bronx Bombers– and his unique perspective has defined him as a leading voice in American society with Chinese cultural expertise and mastery.


While well versed in traditional media, which he studied extensively in East Asian countries, he has also studied social media and its dissemination in recent years, thus becoming one of the few Asian-American commentators focused on technology’s impact on journalism and the development of modern Chinese language’s morphological, sematic, and syntactic changes.


Mr. Peng has served as an advisor to a number of media outlets, including National Geographic, WABC, the New York Times, and New York Magazine and successfully taught business executives and professionals how to develop their Chinese proficiency. They have ranged from beginners with no experience who wanted to learn basics to those seeking to refine an advanced skill set.


He holds a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature and a master’s degree in Information Management.



Alan Chen

Director, CKGSB Americas


Tel: +1 646-627-7735




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