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China’s Economic Transformation and Globalization

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By 2030, China will likely overtake the United States to become the largest economy in the world. As China makes its presence felt around the world in all spheres of life, executives will need to think about doing business 'with' China, not just 'in' China.


Xiang Bing
Founding Dean of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)



When: Fall, 2017

Where: CKGSB New York Office, 601 Lexington Ave., Floor 26, New York, NY 10022

Tuition: $2,950


It has been more than 30 years since China opened up to the rest of the world. Since then, the country has been viewed as a land of opportunity for enterprising businesses and investors for its manufacturing capabilities and low-cost labor. Now, though, as China continues to grow and its companies move West, the country is less focused on manufacturing for export and more focused on developing a consumer economy. China is no longer just a frontier for ambitious Western businesses; as Chinese interests move more prominently into the US and Europe, it is clear that China’s changing landscape is a dynamic force that Western executives must understand.


China's Economic Transformation and Globalization is the only executive program of its kind in the US. This compact, two-day program provides a concise, yet comprehensive, overview of where China is today and, more importantly, where it is headed. Participants will gain critical insights on macro trends, emerging opportunities, and how to compete or collaborate with Chinese companies, and develop cross-cultural competencies to enable and empower participants to have more productive and impactful interactions with Chinese counterparts. At the end of the program, participants will have a clear understanding of how to position China within their own organization.





Even for someone like me – I’m originally from Japan, working in the US for an American company that does business around the world – it is quite difficult to fully understand all of the business and cultural nuances of China. The country’s economy and business landscape is moving faster than any other market. This program really provided me with insightful on-the-ground Eastern and Western perspectives on management and business environments.


Miyoko Demay
VP, Global Sales Operations, Tiffany & Co.



The program truly brought together the best of East and West business expertise from professors and practitioners. I especially enjoyed the networking possibilities with CEOs from some of China's top companies. I returned to work with an expanded understanding of doing business in and with China as well as actionable ideas for my company. I would recommend this program to executives in companies large and small across all industries.


Rick Hall
Senior Strategic and Global Sourcing Manager, GAF



The opportunity to discuss the question of the future direction of China and the issues to consider relative to existing and future business decisions will play an important role in strategic planning for my company.


Daniel Persico
 VP, KEMET Electronics Corp



China's Economic Transformation and Globalization is a unique opportunity for senior-level business leaders to understand the global implications of China's ongoing economic transformation, learn how to better engage with the Chinese, and compare and contrast Western and Chinese approaches to leadership and business.


Benefits include:


  • Gaining awareness of laws and practices that impact how business is done in China, i.e. the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Committee on Foreign Investment, etc.
  • Understanding the global implications of China’s rise
  • Learning the critical drivers of success in the China market
  • Grasping how to compete and cooperate with Chinese companies
  • Developing cross-cultural competencies to enable more impactful impressions on Chinese counterparts
  • Establishing direct connections with Chinese executives participating in a parallel program with CKGSB


China's Economic Transformation and Globalization is designed for senior-level managers and executives from multinational corporations as well as SMEs who have, or will soon have, responsibility for running operations in China. It is also ideal for senior executives who need to have a good working knowledge of China as part of their responsibilities.


XIANG Bing, Faculty Director

CKGSB Founding Dean, Professor of China Business and Globalization


Dr. Xiang is a leading authority on Chinese business and innovations, the globalization of Chinese companies and the global implications of the transformation of China. His research interests include the relationship between state and business, the reform of state-owned enterprises, innovation and the role of the private sector in China.


He is an independent board member of a number of organizations listed in Hong Kong, China, and the US and has worked with many leading companies to offer consulting and training in China and globally. These companies include China Mobile, China Telecom, Huawei Technologies, Petro China, IBM China, GE China, Siemens China, Goldman Sachs Asia, Clifford & Chance, Cummins, Lenovo, Bank of China, and China Railway Construction Corporation.



TENG Bingsheng

CKGSB Associate Dean, Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Associate Dean of CKGSB European Campus


Teng formerly served as a tenured Associate Professor of Strategic Management at George Washington University (GWU), where he was a doctoral advisor and lead professor of the departmental doctoral program.


Teng has published over 20 articles in academic journals including Academy of Management Review and Organization Science. His research is included in most textbooks on strategic management. An authority on strategic alliances, he has been interviewed by media such as The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.



SUN Baohong

CKGSB Dean's Distinguished Chair Professor of Marketing, Associate Dean of Global Programs, Director of CKGSB’s Customer Information Management Center


Prior to joining CKGSB in 2011, Professor Sun was Carnegie Bosch Professor of Marketing at the Tepper School of Business of Carnegie Mellon University. Professor Sun received her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in 1997 and B.A. from Renmin University of China.


Her research focuses on rational and strategic consumer choices and dynamic structural models; dynamic and interactive marketing mix and customer information management; and, most recently, on modeling dynamic and inter-dependent consumer decisions on e-commerce and social media platforms.


Her extensive consulting experience includes work with major corporations including Bosch, Boy Scouts of America, Highmark Insurance, John Deer and IBM. An active contributor to media discussions on current business issues, Professor Sun's research has been cited in The Economist, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and Bloomberg, among others.



LI Wei

CKGSB Professor of Economics


Dr. Li Wei is a professor of economics and Director of the Case Center at CKGSB. He formerly served as a professor at the Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia.


Previously, he was a research associate at the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Studies and taught at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.


He wrote the book Investing in Emerging Markets, published by the CFA Institute (formerly the Association for Investment Management and Research). His research insights have been featured in Foreign Affairs, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and CNN.




Founder of ASIMCO Technologies and JFP Holdings


Upon graduating from Yale and the Harvard Business School, Jack spent almost twenty years on Wall Street, rising to Head of Investment Banking at PaineWebber. Well before others recognized the significant role that China would play in the global economy, he spent three years investigating opportunities in Asia and China, leading to the founding of ASIMCO Technologies in 1994.


Widely recognized as an expert on doing business in China, Jack authored Managing the Dragon: How I'm Building a Billion Dollar Business In China, published by Crown Publishing, a division of Random House, in March 2008. The Chinese edition of the book was published by China Youth Press in May 2008. Jack has also written numerous articles on China and doing business in the country for the Far Eastern Economic Review, AmCham's China Brief, BusinessForum China, Huffington Post and other publications.


Jack is a frequent speaker and commentator on the subject of China to the broadcast media, including CNN, CNBC, Fox, BBC, NPR and CCTV, as well as a variety of audiences worldwide: universities, business schools, corporate and industry conferences, and various chapters of the Council on Foreign Relations, Asia Society, YPO and other professional organizations. He provides timely insights into ongoing developments in the country on



Doreen WANG

Global Head of BrandZ, Millward Brown


Doreen Wang is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in providing outstanding market research and strategic consulting services for senior executives in Fortune 500 companies in both China and the US. Doreen currently leads the global BrandZ engagement across 43 countries, and the launch of BrandZ Global Top 100 Most Valuable Brands, China Top 100, Brazil Top 50 and Indian Top 50.


Doreen plays a leading role in providing branding consultancy services to top global companies and the fast-growing companies in China. She is often invited as the plenary lecture speaker on prestigious forums including UK House of Commons, Bloomberg News, Wall Street Journal and Cambridge Judge Business School. Doreen translated the book Grow by ex-P&G Global CMO Jim Stengel into Chinese and wrote the chapter of “Brand Ideal in China.”


Doreen received her M.P.A. degree in Marketing from University of Delaware and her M.S. degree in Econometrics from Tianjin University. She is fluent in English and Chinese.


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