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Human Resource Management at Huawei

How have Ren Zhengfei's unique management ideas influenced Huawei's development?

In 2007, Huawei's global contract sales hit 16 billion US dollars, a 45% increase over 2006. Impressively for a Chinese company, overseas sales represented 72% of this total. In Europe, America, and Japan, Huawei sales grew by more than 150%. These achievements made Huawei a role model for domestic Chinese enterprises. How have Ren Zhengfei's unique management ideas influenced the development of the company? Read more>>


Not only did it take just 16 years for Huawei to become the largest private high-tech enterprise in China, and not only did the company's technology transition from imitating, to competing with, and finally to leading that other industry competitors, but Huawei’s unique corporate culture and human resource management gave their team a superior competitive edge. Talented individuals are Huawei's most important resource. Underlying Huawei’s excellent corporate culture are the management ideas of Ren Zhengfei. By integrating successful management philosophies from well-known multinationals with the characteristics of the local environment and people, Ren Zhengfei created the impressive management model that Huawei has today.

Case advisor: 
Prof. Wang Yijiang
Case writer: 
Shan Yingguang
corporate culture, human resource management, management model, global sales