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CITIC Credit Card Customer Services: Internet Spirit for Human Resource Management

How to tackle two bottlenecks: staff turnover and operating pressures?

Since 2008, the rise of the credit card industry has begun to show problems. CITIC credit card service center has faced two major bottlenecks: high staff attrition rates and heavy operating pressures. To ease these pressures, the CITIC service center has sought innovative solutions: employing data analysis, an internet mindset and fine-tuning its use of marketing technology, to turn from being a cost-center to a profit-center. There is an early warning system to catch people before they quit and provide intervention to look after staff needs thereby lengthening the average employee service life. This case considers the hiring process and analyses the ratio of interviews to recruitment as well as turnover rates. A best practice interview and recruitment process is described in a bid to provide CITIC with a way to curb staff turnover in its credit card service department.

Case advisor: 
Wang Yijiang
Case writer: 
Cui Huanping
HR management, data analysis, recruitment, turnover