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The CKGSB Case Center

  • Vanke slashes housing prices, and the market reacts.
    real estate, promotion, house prices
    Case advisor: Zhang Zhong

    In which city did Vanke first start to cut its housing prices? How were the related promotions implemented? How did other real estate developers in the market respond to Vanke slashing its prices? And how did earlier property purchasers express their discontent?

  • How did Changyu Chateau AFIP create a high-end wine culture at its European-style chateau in the suburbs of Beijing?
    wine, domestic company, positioning
    Case advisor: Li Wei

    Changyu Chateau AFIP’s premium Tinlot Cabernet Sauvignon sold at an incredible 270,000 RMB a barrel. Other AFIP wines have also been in short supply even at very high prices. Why did it adopt a “four-in-one” marketing model?

  • How did Beijing’s oldest department store increase customer loyalty in the face of competition?
    retail, customer loyalty, membership cards
    Case advisor: Jing Bing

    Out of 2.3 million members, only 900,000 shop frequently. Why are other members dormant? Faced with increasingly fierce competition, how did the Beijing Department Store increase membership and improve customer loyalty?

  • Can China regain its position as leading tea producer via innovative marketing methods?
    tea, innovation, product development, convenience, marketing, sales
    Case advisor: Zhao Hao

    In 2005, Ye Yangsheng established the Tiangong Tea Company in Wuyishan of Fujian province, using 200 mu as a tea plantation. Through his time in the tea business, he discovered that even though China produced a great deal of tea, it was difficult to make any worthwhile sales and actually get the tea to consumers.

  • How should this joint venture fund increase its market share in China?
    fund, joint venture, stocks, bonds, fixed funds, market share, rankings
    Case advisor: Zhao Hao

    Company T is a joint venture fund that has been established for less than six years. The Chinese partner is a securities company; the foreign partner is a fund group with a long history. The company’s products include stocks, bonds, and mixed funds. Its investments are primarily targeted towards stable, mature enterprises. Out of 60 such funds, company T has only ever achieved a lower-mid ranking, and has even seen its ranking slowly declining. Its market share is less than 1%.