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The CKGSB Case Center

  • Was Huawei really seeking to exploit loopholes in the new law by requiring the mass resignation of its long term staff?
    labor law, regulations, human resource management, resignation, contract, fixed-term, permanent
    Case advisor: Wang Yijiang

    In December 2007, just before the implementation of the new Chinese Labor Law, the mass resignation of 7000 employees at Huawei aroused public attention. The company required all employees who had served more than eight years in Huawei, including the CEO Ren Zhengfei, to hand in their resignations before the new year.

  • How does this family business deal with corporate governance issues?
    family business, corporate governance, mining, building materials, real estate
    Case advisor: Teng Bingsheng

    Golden Dragon Group is located in the city of Chengde in Hebei province. Its business covers a variety of industries including mining, building materials, and real estate. Apart from its multifaceted areas of operation, Golden Dragon Group is a typical family business.