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The CKGSB Case Center

  • Can Anta leapfrog the competition?
    Sports, footwear, domestic market, multinational companies
    Case advisor: Liao Jianwen

    In the athletic footwear industry, multinational companies Nike and Adidas have cornered the Chinese market since 2003, focusing on high end sales. Chinese companies, represented at the top by Li Ning and Anta, have learnt how to compete.

  • Can Luyuan lead in the electric bicycle market?
    Electric bicycles, market, energy, regulations
    Case advisor: Zhang Zhong

    Luyuan Electric Vehicles Co. Ltd. founder and Chairman Ni Jie was ambitious. Sales in China's electric bicycle market had risen over 340 times from 58,000 in 1998 to 20,000,000 in 2009. His company was one of the major players in this rapidly growing space, but he wanted to be the leader in the highly fragmented market.

  • What happened when Blizzard decided to switch partners in China?
    online gaming, international company, partnership, regulations, World of Warcraft, Blizzard, The9, Netease, strategy
    Case advisor: Brian Viard

    Case A focuses on Blizzard’s decision to switch from its first China partner, The9, to local operator NetEase. Case B focuses on the result of Blizzard’s decision. Did Blizzard make the right call?

  • What was the real purpose of the marriage between Huawei and 3Com?
    joint venture, strategy, network equipment, intellectual property rights
    Case advisor: Prof. Teng Bingsheng

    On June 10, 2003, Cisco Systems' lawsuit against Huawei Technologies took an exciting turn. 3Com, Huawei's joint venture partner in North America, announced their application for judgment to the district federal court in Marshall, Texas. They hoped the judge would declare that the new products released by Huawei-3Com had not violated Cisco's IPR. With this action, 3Com got heavily involved in the legal battle between China and the United States' largest network equipment companies.

  • Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei's innovative understanding of Chinese globalization
    innovation, globalization, strategy
    Case advisor: Xiang Bing

    This case analyzes the details of Huawei's global strategy. This study reveals Ren Zhengfei's innovative understanding of the globalization of Chinese enterprises, which goes beyond the traditional thinking of 'Chinese knowledge as the body, western learning for use.'