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Note: This program is conducted in Chinese. If you would like to learn more about the program, please refer to the EMBA section on our Chinese website.


Established in 2002, the EMBA is CKGSB’s flagship program and reflects the school’s innovative “top of the pyramid” approach to executive education. The program is a two-year, part-time Chinese-language program that prepares top business leaders in China to meet future professional and personal challenges. CKGSB EMBA alumni form the bulk of what has become the most influential business network in China. The EMBA program, noted by Forbes China in 2011 as delivering the best return on investment among China-based EMBA programs, enrolls a network of Chinese leaders that is second to none.


Since 2002, over 4,000 alumni have graduated from the EMBA program. Historically, 76% of EMBA students hold core management positions at the Vice-President level or above at China’s largest private and state-owned enterprises and are key business leaders from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, greater China and Asia. Students gain access to global insights and networks through overseas modules in North America and Europe while concurrently developing a deep sense of social responsibility, cultural appreciation and community. CKGBS’s EMBA program is truly unique—it incorporates six days of community service as a key element of the curriculum, as well as courses on the humanities to give participants an enriched view of why they do business rather than simply how to do business.


CKGSB EMBA advantages:

  • Learn from world-class faculty
  • Study a curriculum tailored to China business
  • Network with classmates who lead China's most powerful companies
  • Join China's most exclusive alumni club


Executive MBA Information in Chinese


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Disciplined teaching, professional service, enlightened conversations and creative exercises are the core benefits of the CKGSB EMBA. Our world-class faculty combines Western management theories with Chinese applications in the classroom. Students are encouraged to develop their individual potential while bonding with each other through teamwork.


The CKGSB EMBA program’s innovative courses cover a wide range of subjects, to give students a global perspective on emerging markets, globalization, the humanities, and leadership.




To educate world-class leaders through global perspectives and China insights.



Language of Instruction

The class is mainly taught in Chinese. For lectures taught in English, Chinese translations and bilingual materials will be provided in class.



Program Schedule

The program lasts 2 years, with classes meeting once a month for four consecutive days (Thursday to Sunday). The first week of class normally begins with a one-week residency to allow students to get to know each other and the professors.Typical classes consist of lectures, group work, case studies and business visits. Upon completion of the courses, students are expected to manage and approach business issues with a global and forward-thinking perspective, particularly in the context of China’s business environment.


In addition to lectures, students are taken outside the classroom to study the local economy, visit leading companies, and meet with business and government leaders. These visits and meetings provide insights into the real-world problems faced by a variety of businesses.




The 21st century marks the rise of China and Chinese business. To maintain a leading position in the global economy, Chinese business leaders need to understand both the global and Chinese economic landscapes, and be able to take advantage of the best practices and experiences from Western and emerging markets.

After completing the CKGSB EMBA program, you are expected to possess:

  • Distinct leadership ability, with high competency
  • Sound knowledge of management skills and theory
  • Insights into global and local economies
  • Strong humanistic values and social responsibility



During the CKGSB EMBA program, you will take wide variety of courses, to cover the full range of business and economic subjects. The program also includes courses that relate the humanities to the needs of today’s business leaders.


Foundation courses

  • Management and organization
  • Managerial Economics
  • Statistics &Managerial Decision Making
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Financial Accounting &Analysis
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing Management
  • Production & Operations Management   
  • Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • The Art of Leadership
  • Management Information Systems
  • Corporate Governance
  • Theory and Practice of Socialist Economies
  • Business English and Communication
  • Commercial Law  


Extension courses

  • Macro-Economics
  • Capital Markets&Investments
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • The Art &Science of DecisionMaking
  • Tax Management & Planning
  • Business Negotiation
  • Knowledge Innovation & Management
  • Corporate Practice Simulation  
  • Value Investing
  • Corporate Risk & Crisis Management
  • Macro-economic Analysis and Corporate Solutions


Elective courses



  • Innovation Strategy and the Process of Chinese Enterprises
  • Globalization of Chinese business
  • China under the Global Economic landscape
  • Psychodynamic Model of Leaders
  • Optimal Practices of Japanese and Korean businesses
  • Business Leadership and entrepreneurship (new)
  • BreakingThrough the Crisis of Large Enterprises (new)
  • Corporate Soft Strength Building and Solutions (new) 


  • Chinese Traditional Culture and Business Management
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Sun Zi: the Art of War
  • Religious Culture and Management
  • Cultural and Humanistic foundation of Chinese business
  • CKGSB Community Service    

Global Vision series

  • Japan Course
  • ASEAN Course
  • Spain Course
  • France Course
  • UK Course
  • The US West &Midwest
  • Eastern United States Course
  • Creative and Media Course in US
  • BRIC Countries Course (new)

Face the Future series

  • Strategic and Global Thinking
  • Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
  • Relationship Between Business Development,Decision-making and Energy Resources
  • Government- Business Relationship             


  • Learning with the Master
  • CKGSB Cutting-Edge forums
  • CKGSB Annual Forum
  • CKGSB Summer Forum    
  • China-Japan CEO Forum
  • China-America Summit Forum
  • China-UK Business Forum


The CKGSB EMBA program aims to educate those who aspire to become world-class business leaders – leaders who have a global perspective and high-level managerial capabilities, who can handle multifaceted challenges. CKGSB has attracted a great number of China’s business elites, who now lead the country’s most powerful companies. CKGSB alumni havenow become the China’s most influential network and share a global learning platform with alumni worldwide.


Our students are characterized by:


  • High education levels.Approximately 40% of our students hold degrees of Masters or above.
  • High positions.More than 76% of our students hold positions of Vice President or above. This includes CEOs of S&P enterprises and SOEs, as well as noted entrepreneurs and high-level government officials.
  • High Profile.76 of our students are national representatives attwo Communist Party conferences (NPC and CPPCC).
  • High diversity.Students are from many diverse backgrounds andindustries, including finance, natural resources, manufacturing, IT, communication, pharmaceuticals and the service sector.


Talk Show Host, Phoenix Television


I was first impressed by CKGSB's commitment to excellence and thought-leadership. Later, a truly thought-provoking and transformational speech delivered by Dean Xiang Bing made me determined to join the CKGSB family. Now, the next chapter in my life- one associated with CKGSB- has begun.





LIU Ding


Twenty years has passed since I left school and I was looking forward to an opportunity to refresh my knowledge and think through my work experience thus far. With the insightful lectures delivered by world-class faculty, wisdom imparted by experts and the friendship shared with the classmates, I enjoyed my CKGSB experience from day one.





XIE Boyang
VP, All China Commerce and Industry Confederation


CKGSB is firmly linked to Li Ka-Shing, the indisputable leader of the Chinese business world. CKGSB, with its goal of educating business leaders for China, has provided me with a great learning opportunity.







RONG Yichao
Dean of China Air-to-Air Missile Research Institute (AAMRI)


Given my desire to help build a world-class aviation industry for China, I joined the CKGSB family to acquire the skills that will help me deal with challenges faced by a globalizing China and its growing economy.







JIANG Nanchun
Chairman/CEO, Focus Media (China)


CKGSB provides us the opportunity to look at challenges from different angles and at different dimensions. I learned to think about business in a more systematic way. Being able to network with other business talents was an added benefit of this experience.






LIN Zuoming
General Manager, China Aviation Industrial Corporation


I have long admired the entrepreneurial endeavors of Mr. Li Ka-shing and really believe that his founding of CKGSB will benefit generations to come. I am very honored to be part of the inaugural class.







LIANG Xinjun
Vice Chairman & President, Shanghai Fosun High-tech Group


CKGSB is known for its open, accommodating and dynamic atmosphere… In spite of its relatively young age, the CKGSB EMBA program already enjoys a high reputation. I feel excited to take classes with a school dedicated to achieving global leadership in business management education like CKGSB.





WANG Zhentao
Chairman & President, Aokang Group


Joining CKGSB was a natural choice for me, as I and my company both need some recharging to remain sustainable in the long term. Moreover, the program's academic rigor, overall reputation and professional service made my decision to attend the program an easy one.






LI Zhenjiang
Chairman, Shenwei Pharmaceuticals Co. of Shijiazhuang


Winning business comes from winning strategy; winning strategy comes from successful learning; successful learning comes from CKGSB.







OU Guang
Chairman, New Foreign Trade Group of Guangdong


I feel truly privileged to be a member of the CKGSB family, where I learned unique knowledge in a memorable way.






Admissions Qualifications 


The CKGSB EMBA Admissions Board uses multiple indicators in assessing an applicant's qualifications, including educational background, professional competence, work experience, teamwork and leadership competencies. We aim to select the best applicants possible.


To make sure that students receive maximum value from the CKGSB EMBA program, our specific admission criteria are as follows:

  • Serving in a decision-making role at a corporate business and demonstrating leadership potential
  • Employer endorsement in support of the time commitment needed to complete the EMBA study
  • A bachelor's degree or above
  • A minimum of eight years work experience, including a minimum of five years experience in general management and leadership positions


Application Fee & Tuition


The application fee for the 2013 academic year is RMB 2,000.


The tuition for the 20-month program for classes beginning in the 2013 academic year is RMB 688,000. This tuition fee includes all textbooks and teaching materials, use of the library and school network, and tea breaks, as well as the tuition for one international study trip.


Food, accommodations, and transportation for any domestic or international study trips are borne by the students themselves.


Vice presidents and other senior executives at large state-owned enterprises may apply to the school for financial aid. Financial aid will be provided to a certain portion of the incoming class, decided on by the admissions committee after holistic consideration of the relevant factors.



Interview and Admission


The entrance examination for CKGSB EMBA program is an interview examining the applicant's comprehensive competence. The Admissions Committee will admit qualified applicants based on the interview findings, school scores, career development and recommendations.



Admission Plan


The CKGSB EMBA program uses an online application system. To apply, simply login to the CKGSB application system and follow the instructions. Please note that the application is in Chinese.


As part of the application process you will need to upload digital files of your:

  • Education degree and certification
  • ID
  • Business card
  • A color photo (2-inch passport photo with a white background, taken within the last 6 months)

In addition, you will need to send us two recommendation letters. Plus:

  • Business owners should supply a copy of their stamped businesslicense and a stamped employment letter
  • All others should supply proof of employment status and position, withan official stamp, plus a copy of their company/institution brochure


Document check

Short-listed candidates will be invited to attend the admissions test after the admissions office has reviewedyour application.


Entrance Examination

The entrance examination for the CKGSB EMBA program is a combination of a written test and an interview, in order to examine the applicant's overall fit for the program. The written test includes business, management and personal qualities.Click to see entrance examination dates.


Admissions Decisions

The Admissions Committee will admit qualified applicants based on theiroverall performance, including educational background, professional experience, application materials and entrance examination results. The admissions decision is made within 15 working days after the entrance examination. Candidates are initially notifiedvia aphone calls or text message.A formal, written offer is then sent to the admitted students.


Registration Arrangements

After receiving the CKGSB EMBA offer, admitted students will be asked to make payment and arrange registration.


About Admission Qualifications

Q: What sort of qualifications must I hold to successfully apply for the EMBA program?
A: You must hold a bachelor's degree or above and have had a minimum of eight years' working experience, including a minimum of five years' experience in general management and leadership positions.


Q: I hold a diploma from a three-year college (or equivalent) as well as a Master's degree, but I don't have a certificate of the education for Master's degree. Can I still apply for the CKGSB EMBA program?
A. Yes, you can. But you are required to have passed the state-level unified examination for Master's degree and your Master's degree must be one recognized by the PRC Ministry of Education.


Q: Do the admission qualifications for international applicants vary from those for domestic applicants?
A: They are the same.



About Application Procedures

Q: I’m interested in the CKGSB EMBA program. How should I apply?
A: Please review the process on the Application Procedure page.



Preliminary Application
First visit our application website, where you can either fill out an online application or download an application form to mail or fax in.


Alternately, you can contact the Admissions Office and get the form via mail or fax, fill it out and mail or fax it to the CKGSB EMBA admissions office. The office will keep all the information submitted confidential.



Formal Application
After the CKGSB EMBA admissions office receives and reviews the preliminary application, it will send a formal application form to those qualified applicants according to their choices, or it will inform the qualified applicants of the password to download the formal application form.


A formal application form must be completed and returned to the CKGSB admissions office.


The admissions office will keep all the information submitted confidential. The information in the application forms will be used only for the review process and the forms of the admitted students will be collected as the permanent student profile.


Q: Why can't I view the downloaded file?
A: Please download Acrobat Reader 6.0 software.


Q: How will I be informed whether you have received my application?
A: After receiving your on-line application, the EMBA Admissions Office will inform you via the contact information you gave in your application materials.


Q: Apart from the formal application form, do I need to send in photocopies of my certificates of education and degrees? What if I have misplaced them?
A: We require all applicants to furnish these certificates. If you have lost any of them, please ask the original issuing school to produce a certificate with a formal stamp on it.


Q: Do I need to furnish my academic record at college? What if I don't have it?
A: We require all applicants to furnish the academic record at college. If you don't have it, you must ask the administration office of your alma mater, work unit, or the responsible authority of the HR Exchange Center that preserves your personnel file to produce a certificate with a formal stamp on it.


Q: Must I provide two recommendation letters? I myself am the highest officer of my company and thus have no superior officer. Do I still have to provide the first letter?
A: We require all applicants to furnish two recommendation letters, from the applicant's direct supervisor and from another person in a position of authority. If you have no immediate supervisor, you may ask a person who has had a strong impact on your career in the past to write the first letter. You can download the templates for the recommendation letters here:


Recommendation Letter from Direct Supervisor


Recommendation Letter from Person in Authority


English Version of Recommendation Letter



About Admission Examinations

Q: What kind of admission examination does the EMBA program require?
A: the Admission Committee examines applicants through a written test and a panel interview. The purpose is to observe each applicant's understanding of the topics and his or her viewpoints during the test and discussion, on issues related to business and management, so that we can decide if the applicant meets our admission qualifications. The written test lasts approximately 30 minutes and covers business, management, and personal qualities. The interview consists of a 25 to 30 minute self-introduction for each applicant and a subsequent group discussion among the applicants within the same panel on a specific business topic. We will notify the applicants eligible for the written test and interview after reviewing the candidate’s application documents.



About Curriculum & Faculty

Q: How long is the curriculum? How will the curriculum be arranged?
A: Our 20-month EMBA program schedule consists of 23 courses. Students spend four days each month (from Thursday through Sunday, inclusive of two weekends) on the courses.


Q: If I attend the CKGSB EMBA program, what kind of classmates will I have?
A: The first session of the program began in November 2002 with an enrollment of 105 students. Ninety percent of the first cohort were high-level decision-makers in state-owned and private companies as well as MNCs, while the rest were high-profile government officials. They came from various regions and industries, having diverse career paths. Such diversity of backgrounds among students has helped enriched the CKGSB EMBA learning experience.


Q: I’ve been in the workforce for many years, and it’s been a long time since I attended school. Will I be able to adjust to intensive 4-day study?
A: Returning to campus will require a period of readjustment. However, this is also an opportunity for rejuvenation and networking. Your time in the program will be an experience full of changes and opportunities.


If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.