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  • 2017-01-30 · New York

    Welcome the Year of the Rooster with a festive evening hosted at our New York Office!

  • 2016-12-14 · New York

    Just us at the University Club in New York as a star-studded cast, including veteran statesman Henry Kissinger, Brookings Thornton Director Cheng Li, Ambassador Carla Hills, Committee of 100 Chairman Frank Wu and CKGSB Founding Dean Xiang Bing, discuss how leadership transitions in both the US and China will affect bilateral relations and help explain how they might alter the US-China relationship in the years to come.

  • 2016-12-07 · Seoul

    CKGSB will host its annual China-Korea CEO Forum jointly with Dong-A Media Group, one of Korea’s top media groups, in Seoul. Under the heading, “A Joint Growth Strategy for China and Korea in the Era of the Creative Disruption and Innovation,” CKGSB faculty and alumni businesspeople will shed light on latest trends and best practices for operating in the China market and discuss possible collaborations with Korean businesses.

  • 2016-11-30 · Beijing

    Join us for CKGSB’s 3rd China Economic Symposium “2017 Outlook: What Surprises Are in Store for China?” where CKGSB Professors Li WeiGan Jie and Xu Chenggang will be joined by esteemed speakers from the IMF, CITIC Securities, The Economist and more to discuss the prospects and expected trends of China’s economic landscape in 2017.

  • 2016-11-28 · Beijing

    Come and join us as Airlander explains its technologies and market strategy and how China will take a leading global role in the development of this exciting type of aircraft. CEO Mr. McGlennan will also tell the story how the company was spun out of the US military and became a commercial business.

  • 2016-11-18 · Beijing

    The world is changing and business needs to change with it. But in an increasingly complex and divided world, which businesses will have a future in five years? A recent study showed a staggering lack of diversity on board, with no ethnic Chinese or Asian executive directors in the FTSE 100. With this in mind, join the British Chamber's new Women in Leadership Forum to debate what a competitive board should look like in the 21st century.

  • 2016-11-17 · New York

    Join us for a panel discussion on bridging the delivery gaps between the Chinese and American healthcare systems. Experts including Dr Henry Cao and Dr Lin

    Ning will share their knowledge of the disparities and similarities between the two countries in terms of quality of care, pharmaceutical & device 

    market regulation and innovation.

  • 2016-11-09 · Beijing

    Join CKGSB’s Visiting Professor Wang Yanbo for an evening dissecting the business-model of crowd-sourcing, as well as learn about the CKGSB MBA program to advance your business career.

  • 2016-10-28 · East Palo Alto, CA

    Join us for a special morning exploring Cross Border Innovation, featuring Ambassador Gary F. Locke, former Governor of Washington State, US Secretary of Commerce, and, most recently, US Ambassador to China.

  • 2016-10-26 · New York

    Join C-Suite leaders, business owners, top HR and talent professionals to gain executive perspectives on emerging trends in global to local business effectiveness, on topics including pending impacts in global trade, finance, banking, client centricity, talent & innovation.

  • 2016-10-19 · New York

    Join us for a special evening engaging with today’s global branding leaders, featuring Morgan Stanley Global Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Mandell Crawley. This CKGSB Knowledge Series event is embedded into our Global Branding in the Digital Era Executive Education program in collaboration with Yale School of Management and WPP.

  • 2016-10-12 · Seoul & 2016-10-14 · Busan

    CKGSB Professors Ou-Yang Hui and Zhou Chunsheng will share their insights about the current state of China’s financial market, as well as how Internet finance and Fintech will shape the future, at special CKGSB Sessions at the 17th World Knowledge Forum in South Korea. It is the third consecutive year that CKGSB has joined the forum as a knowledge partner.

  • 2016-10-12 · New York

    Join us as Dharmakirti Joshi, Current Chief Economist at CRISIL, and Dr. Paul Gruenwald, Chief Asia-Pacific Economist at S&P Global Ratings, engage in a fascinating discussion on the current economic outlook and review challenges facing two of the world’s largest and fastest growing emerging markets.

  • 2016-10-11 · New York

    Join us as Professor Li Yang, Assistant Professor of Marketing at CKGSB, shares fresh insights on big data marketing analytics from China. Hear his perspectives on pricing, consumer choice, competitive strategy and more. 

  • 2016-10-05 · New York

    Join us as we welcome Dr. Li Haitao, Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance and Associate Dean for the MBA Program at CKGSB, who will share his thoughts on the outlook for the financial markets and introduce CKGSB’s MBA program. This free session also features networking with CKGSB students and alumni.