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  • 2011-12-31

    He has been a leader of the firm's London Banking Group and was a member of the firm's Partnership Council. Sweeting has a widely established reputation as a finance lawyer, most recently with a focus on emerging markets. This year, Sweeting joined the CKGSB European Advisory Board.

  • 2011-12-31

    Maxence Perret-Gentil (MBA '10) was already a successful engineer with an advanced degree. Having worked for some of the leading manufacturers in his industry, including the Swiss Institute of Technology, he, like many engineers, wanted to accomplish more.

  • 2011-12-31

    Liang Xinjun is a co-founder of Fosun International Limited, where he serves as Executive Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. 

  • 2011-11-29

    CKGSB Assistant Dean Zhou Li (left); HRDF CEO, Amirnuddin Mazlan (center); and SRW&Co. Chairman, Daniel Wong (right) celebrate the Launch of the ASEAN Global Leadership Program—China in Beijing