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The CKGSB Case Center

  • Practices of a Sino-European VC Firm
    venture capital, investment model, target industries, withdrawal
    Case advisor: Liao Jianwen

    This case introduces the investment model used by Rong International, including how it decides what will be considered for investment, how it chooses its target industries and projects, and what its investment and withdrawal procedures are.

  • How to evaluate Chinese overseas acquisitions in the natural resource sector?
    valuation, investment, acquisitions
    Case advisor: Chen Long

    This valuation case requires the use of typical investment banking analytical methodologies to opine on the suitability of CNOOC’s valuation. It relies heavily on the use of financial statements to perform precedent transactions analysis and comparable companies’ analysis in Excel.

  • Transitioning from family to professional management.
    operations, family business, franchise management, growth, sales
    Case advisor: Wang Yijiang

    From its origins as a family operation, NRX reached a stage in its development where it needed to move beyond the family and into a more structured management framework. This case series introduces the transition process, differences of opinion between managers and owners of the company, and the decision-making actions of the leadership.

  • How Bright Dairy turned itself around, despite a calamitous environment.
    dairy, strategy, management, melamine crisis, health and safety
    Case advisor: Teng Bingsheng

    In 2007, Guo Benhang replaced Wang Jiafen as general manager of Bright Dairy. The former managerial team's conservative "wait and see" approach had seen the company slip to third place in the Chinese dairy sector. After Guo came on board, the company saw a succession of reforms to break its inflexible structural matrix, instigating a new model.

  • Television tuner maker to the world
    electronics components, manufacturing, television, private enterprise
    Case advisor: Li Wei

    This case explores the development of the privately-owned enterprises in Zhejiang province by way of gaining an understanding of TV tuning company Ningbo Ruixing Electronics.