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The CKGSB Case Center

  • How to tackle two bottlenecks: staff turnover and operating pressures?
    HR management, data analysis, recruitment, turnover
    Case advisor: Wang Yijiang

    This case considers the hiring process and analyses the ratio of interviews to recruitment as well as turnover rates. A best practice interview and recruitment process is described in a bid to provide CITIC with a way to curb staff turnover in its credit card service department.

  • Shang Xia may be still making a loss after six years, but how can Hermes help the brand become sustainable in the long run?
    luxury, lifestyle, branding
    Case advisor: Zhu Rui

    In 2008, Hermes founded the Chinese high end lifestyle brand Shang Xia, which is the first of its kind for Hermes and its peers, and the first time a global luxury brand has committed to producing a Chinese high end brand catering for the Chinese market. Six years on, Shang Xia is still making a loss.

  • How did the MBS-related crisis sweep the world like a plague and what were the original merits of the MBS?
    securities, finance, financial crisis, financial reform
    Case advisor: Ouyang Hui and Erica Li

    When the financial crisis swept the world in 2008, the securities industry’s regular diet of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) abruptly became everybody’s target – blamed for being a powerful tool in the financial industry, and for risking heavy damage to the system. At a time when China’s financial reform is shaping up, what lessons can China draw from the history of the MBS?

  • What advantages does Alibaba have over traditional offline credit lenders?
    SMEs, internet technology, credit
    Case advisor: Chen Long

    Alibaba began as an electronics supplier, but in 2010 and 2011, established two small loans firms. Aimed at SMEs and individual sellers within Alibaba’s electronics supply chain, loans were offered without collateral to firms in need of credit. Step by step, how did Alibaba develop a small loans model as an online service?

  • The group invested widely but was able to keep control of its capital
    conglomerate, pharmaceuticals, private company, capital, cash flow, investment, assets, equity, stock market
    Case advisor: Liu Jun

    In order to optimalize their chances of success, Dongxiang had to find a way to push Phenix out of its comfort zone, and in doing so complete the integration of its supply chain