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The CKGSB Case Center

  • How should this joint venture fund increase its market share in China?
    fund, joint venture, stocks, bonds, fixed funds, market share, rankings
    Case advisor: Zhao Hao

    Company T is a joint venture fund that has been established for less than six years. The Chinese partner is a securities company; the foreign partner is a fund group with a long history. The company’s products include stocks, bonds, and mixed funds. Its investments are primarily targeted towards stable, mature enterprises. Out of 60 such funds, company T has only ever achieved a lower-mid ranking, and has even seen its ranking slowly declining. Its market share is less than 1%.

  • China's telecom industry is competing for market share via three very different 3G standards
    3G, telecom industry, market share, standards, carriers
    Case advisor: Li Wei

    With the dawn of the era of 3G, there is plenty to remind mobile operators of the opportunity and challenges presented by this market. This case study provides an analysis of China Mobile's 3G strategy, including its new oPhone and its apps market.